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When your business needs a quick infusion of cash, where do you turn? You might try your bank, but there are a lot of reasons this may be problematic. For one thing, they’ll put you through the ringer with paperwork and then make you wait. After all that you might not even get approved because banks tend to have strict requirements. If you’re ready to get cash for your business today, you can apply right now for a business loan. If you haven’t considered online lending yet, find out a little more about what the lenders we work with have to offer your business.

Why Do I Need a Business Loan?

5 Reasons Your Business Needs the Cash

Why get a business loan? Most small businesses borrow money at some point. Unless you bring independent wealth to your business, you will probably need a business loan at some point. Here are the top five reasons small business owners take out loans:
  1. It’s time for an expansion. When your business has hit that stagnant point and you can’t go forward without an investment, it may be time for a business loan.

  2. Your business hit a slow spot. Every business experiences these. For some, it’s a seasonal slump that occurs each year. To get through it and keep payroll going, get a loan.

  3. Small loans now build good credit. A lot of small business owners use small loans to start building credit. Without a lot of credit history, getting a large bank loan is tough. With these smaller loans now, you can build toward future borrowing.

  4. Get more inventory or equipment. Don’t be stalled by a lack of inventory or equipment needed to do the job. A small business loan can keep you going so you can keep revenue coming in.

  5. Increase working capital. Many small business owners use these loans just to have enough working capital to use until earning assets reach a level that can cover day-to-day expenses.

Get Any Size Business Loan You Need, from $2,500 to $350,000 or Even More

Whether you need a big loan for a major investment in state-of-the-art technology or you just need a few thousand dollars to get you through the month’s payroll, the lenders we work with can offer you a wide range of loan amounts. You may find at the bank that you can only borrow large amounts. Why take that on if you don’t need it? Get flexibility when you borrow with business loans ranging from as low as $2,500 to as high as $350,000 or more. We have a network of lenders that can and do offer small business loans for every kind of small business and for every need.

High Approval Rates So Your Business Gets Cash When You Need It

High approval rates mean that you get a great chance of getting a yes on your application. Business Loans, like many personal loans, depend on credit score to a certain degree. Our lenders only need to see a credit score of 500 or above. As you can see, the requirements are not strict. We've been able to get others approved that have credit scores as low as 500. Our lenders have higher approval rates than any other business loan lenders because they don’t make credit score the biggest priority. As long as you can meet our easy requirement, which are easy to achieve, your credit score won’t disqualify you for a business loan.

Grab Cash When Your Business Needs it, Not Weeks Later

For some purposes, you may not be in a rush to get an infusion of cash for your business, but generally you want it sooner rather than later. If you’re trying to make payroll; if you have a great investment opportunity you don’t want to lose, but is time sensitive, or if you need to get inventory in so you can earn revenue, you want the money from a loan now. Our lenders offer fast business loans, faster than most other business lenders. In fact, our lenders can get you cash in as little as three days from the time you’re approved. Compare that to other lenders who can’t supply the cash any faster than a week.

No Credit Cards, No Collateral? No Problem

Our lenders pride themselves on high approval rates. We know that small business owners are vulnerable to small changes that can make or break them, so we only work with lenders that want to provide business loans as easily as possible to help more businesses survive. That’s why approval requirements are so minimal. You must have a minimum credit score of 500, have minimum monthly revenue of $3,500, and have been in business for at least three months. There is no need to prove that you have any collateral and you don’t have to be processing credit cards.

How to Get Approved for a Business Loan Today

If it sounds like you could use one of these online business loans, you’re not alone. Join the many ambitious and successful small business owners who know the benefits of borrowing. All you have to do is complete a simple application and we present it to our select group of lenders. We will have our lenders start looking over your application immediately. Get approved quickly, get your cash in just a few days, and start growing your business. Apply for a business loan online today.

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